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Hey everyone! I’m Richard Raya, a comedian, writer and game designer from the Bay Area. I write scripts for stage plays and stories for video games, and also develop rulesets from the ground up for tabletop games. My goal is to tell honest stories, rife with emotionality, that speak to some truths about family, friendship, and justice in the world– and to craft unique mechanical experiences that get players to think deeply in fun new ways. 

I was born in San Jose and grew up in Berkeley and Oakland, and much of my work draws on the diversity and social awareness that my upbringing there afforded me. 


My creative approach is informed by my varied experience; I’m a lifelong martial artist, a law school graduate, and in 2020, I even ran for office! The lessons I’ve learned about law, history, and human relationships push me to infuse bold ideas and authentic representation in everything I create.


I’m currently developing a few projects, but always looking for new collaborators and collaborations, and excited to talk about games and story! Reach out to me and chat!


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